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National E-Learning Resource Center
Faculty of Computing and Technology
University of Kelaniya

National E-Learning Resource Center (NELRC) is approved by the National Budget 2017 of Sri Lanka with Rupees 250 Million. The functions of NELRC are divided into four phases. The center is functioning mainly as a course provider and serving learner needs on a national basis through developing courses; certificates and programs mostly in the field of computer science, and education. The center has strong emphasis on the support of teachers in schools and academic staff in Universities in the use of educational technologies through providing assistance and advice and by developing applications and resources in course development where e-learning is featured. The center is also supporting innovation within the instructional process of e-learning. The underline pedagogical model of this process is about collaborative learning in a problem based curricula context. The center is engaged in testing of educational software, tools and resources, integration of audio-visual material and evaluation about the impact of new technology in education. Other activities include consulting services, support for implementation and assessment and assistance with integration of e-learning processes to curricula.
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