About Conference

The Global Academic Research Institute and National E-Learning Resource Center [NELRC] in University of Kelaniya proudly organized Forth International Conference on Education and Distance Learning (ICEDL 2018) under the theme of “Flexible Education for All”, after the successful completion of three conferences in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Education is a fundamental human right. Every girl and boy, everywhere, is entitled to attend school and learn & Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. Educational methods include storytelling, discussion, teaching, training, and directed research. During recent years Education field is undergoing with lot of changes due to the evolutions of network technology. In modern world Face to Face Education is difficult to provide every one so emerge Distance learning (Distance or online education) to full fill that Gap, Distance learning is a way of learning remotely without being in regular face-to-face contact with a teacher in the classroom. Today Courses that are conducted (51 percent or more) are either hybrid, blended or 100% distance learning. It has influenced on the patterns of learning, teaching & education without the limitation of time and space. So traditional education pattern has shifted to the Distance education. It involves obtaining knowledge outside of the traditional avenues of attendance at learned institutions & bridges the gap of learning across borders. Consequently, the educators are able to use more different types of teaching materials & students are able to use different and easy learning materials to collocate the suitable teaching techniques to enrich the nature of teaching, engage children in class and increase the fun and outcome of teaching. Massive open online courses (MOOCs), offering large-scale interactive participation and open access through the World Wide Web or other network technologies, are recent developments in distance education. Education Technology turns into a terminology or an issue that gets everyone’s attention because of this powerful strength and trend. In today’s context sustainable development need "Flexible Education for All", whatever words are finally settled on, the end result will be increased educational opportunities for broader segments of the population, accommodating different situations and needs.

Conference will be starting with the opening ceremony by lightning the traditional oil lamp. Then the reputed speakers from different countries will deliver the keynote speeches. After that you will be expose to important scientific researches presented by different presenters from all around the world. Time for building important business connections while enjoying relaxed conference breaks. On the next day there will be the cultural tour, you will be able to witness the beauty of the pearl of the Indian Ocean while relaxing your mind.

Please note that speakers are encouraged to submit a full paper before the conference. In addition, all the submitted full papers will be review by journal editorial board and few high-end papers will be published in international GARI e-Journal having ISSN and All Selected papers will be published conference printed proceedings & DVD having ISBN as well as conference library page. Also researcher has opportunity to publish their paper with SAP publisher.

Objectives of the conference

  • - To provide opportunity to learn, teach & connect with others.
  • - Identify the key issues affecting to the Distance learning.
  • - To present the latest developments in the fields of Education & Distance Learning.
  • - To find new solutions to the key issues relating to the Education & Distance Learning.

Why do u participate?

  • - To present your research findings, ideas, innovations, experiments to others & it will helps you to enhance your image among industry leaders.
  • - To know about the industry trends, industry current situation & changes happening in the industry & through that participant will be able to confront the problems in better way.
  • - To maintain sound business connection with industry people which will lead to maintain good image.
  • - To enhance knowledge level through the ideas, findings, experience of others & participant will be able to upgrade their position in industry.
  • - To contribute to the knowledge level of the education & distance learning subject area.
  • - Free publications for selected research paper may be added value for your image & your reputation.
  • - To confront the new changes in a challenging way which will direct you to the better position in the field.